Tarryn Banks – Online Concierge

Tarryn Banks – Online Concierge

Tarryn is a matchmaker – between people and their ideal MORE lodge or hotel, that is. Part of the MORE Private Travel family since 2017 and proudly Southern African, she is the person to make guests fall in love with our unique and beautiful places across the region. A highlight of her profession is introducing guests to just how much South Africa has to offer – from the fabled bush and epic coastlines to thriving cities – and she inspires guests with stays, activities, and tours to experience it all!

More about Tarryn…

  1. In my carry-on bag I always have a copy of my passport and travel insurance, in case my passport or baggage gets lost.
  1. I never leave home without my camera! For capturing moments and keeping them as memories to share with family and friends back home.


  1. The best souvenir I ever brought home was a racing plaque with my name on it from the Daytona International Speedway in Florida, after enjoying a few laps in a NASCAR!


  1. My favourite thing to do in a destination is try the food. The new flavours are all part of the experience of a new place.


  1. Before I go to a new place, I try to learn the exact location of my lodge or hotel and what’s in the surrounding area e.g. shops and medical facilities.


  1. The question I’m most often asked: “Is this lodge suitable for children?” I will only recommend those that truly are for families to ensure everyone has a wonderful time – especially the kids, who’ll be delighted by countless activities for them to enjoy and learn about the African bush.


  1. My best piece of travel advice is book that extra experience. You’ll never regret seeing everything, but might regret missing out on things. You only live once, so live well.


  1. I got my love of travel from experiencing different countries myself. Two of my favourite destinations so far are the United States – it’s a whole world in itself! – and Switzerland, for its picture-perfect natural beauty.


  1. In my suitcase you’ll always find a portable electronic luggage scale. It’s important to be mindful of airline baggage weight limits – especially after all that souvenir shopping!


  1. One moment from my travels I will never forget is the first time I ever saw snow and had the opportunity to ski. I’ve never been so cold in my life, but the experience of sliding down an icy hill was the best fun I’d ever had! The cold couldn’t stop me and I spent a full six hours on the slopes.