Natalie De Lange – Private Travel Planner

As one of the newest additions to our crew in 2019, we couldn’t be more excited to have Natalie on board! Over 17 years, she has experienced just about every side of the travel industry – from helping develop a customer travel rewards programme, to sales and marketing for an international hotel brand, to working in both wholesale and retail travel sectors. She brings her expertise to MORE Private Travel, taking your holiday dreams and tailor-making them into an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

More about Natalie…

  1. In my carry-on bag I always have cable (zip) ties – they have so many different uses! I’ve used them hold together a broken sandal, as a luggage lock, to seal open bags of snacks…   
  1. I never leave home without hand sanitiser, because you’re not always near a tap.
  1. The best souvenir I ever brought home was a crocodile fridge magnet/bottle opener from Zambia. I see it every day and whenever I use it, am reminded of the unforgettable experiences I had there. That puts a smile on my face.
  1. My favourite thing to do in a new place is go for a walk, and take in the new sights, sounds and tastes – I always buy something to eat on the way.
  1. Before I go to a new place, I try to learn the greetings there, because it makes the locals smile and I think they appreciate it.
  1. The question I’m most often asked is: “Is it safe to travel to South Africa?” My answer is absolutely. Just like any place in the world, there are areas to be avoided. But our people are some of the friendliest and most helpful I have ever come across.
  1. My best piece of travel advice is check the expiry date on your passport!
  1. I got my love of travel from my family. We are very diverse – my paternal grandmother was Lebanese, my grandfather was Scottish, my father was born in Malaysia, my mother is from South Africa, and her parents were from Zimbabwe. So growing up I went on family holidays to many different places and loved learning about them and where I come from.
  1. In my suitcase you’d be surprised to find freezer bags! They keep your outfits organised.
  1. One moment from my travels I will always remember and cherish is sitting on a riverbank in Malawi, watching hippos though my binoculars, when a local boy came to sit next to me. He was confused by what I was doing, so I handed them to him to take a look. A split second later, the binoculars went flying and he shot off like lightening, thinking the hippos were right in front of him. He later joined me again and sat beside me for over an hour, once I’d explained about the wonders of magnification.