Monica Boshoff - Travel Planner

Monica Boshoff – Online Concierge

Monica flew through her travel and tourism studies, and it’s not just onwards and upwards for this talented and enthusiastic addition to our team, but for her guests, too!

After looking at the MORE websites and my first few interviews with Private Travel, I knew this is where I want to be. The thought of opening up a whole world full of new people to meet, experiences to live, and lessons to learn truly excites me! – Monica

Her favourite part of the work (though she doesn’t like to call it that) is encouraging guests to be a little more flexible with their itineraries, leaving time to engage in different ways of life and have experiences apart from the usual tourist attractions. And Monica has a few ideas up her sleeve…

In the words of Maya Angelou – Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realise that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art.