Kaamilah Jeena - Travel Planner

Kaamilah Jeena – Travel Planner

In designing itineraries and remaining a dedicate point of contact throughout, Kaamilah always ensures she gets the best for her guests. With 10 years’ experience – from Reservations Agent, to Senior Tour Consultant, to Private Travel Planner since 2016 – and a fair few stamps in her own passport, she knows exactly what that is. Kaamilah’s attention to detail is impeccable, and she believes in refining an itinerary until it meets every one of a guest’s wishes to create their ultimate travel experience.

More about Kaamilah…

  1. In my carry-on bag I always have a pair of binoculars to see sites of interest up close, whether it’s an animal or architecture. It’s also great to have your own pair so you don’t have to share. 
  1. I never leave home without a big scarf in case the weather turns. It’s also a fairly non-bulky item that can double as a blanket or pillow on journeys. 
  1. The best souvenir I ever brought home was a small treasure – a tanzanite pendant from Zanzibar, which I bought in a local market.
  1. My favourite thing to do in a new place is to do what the locals do and get a glimpse of the world through their eyes.
  1. Before I go to a new place, I try to learn some of the language – just a few basic phrases to help me communicate better with the people there. You’d be surprised how much more they open up and how much more you learn.
  1. The question I’m most often asked is: “Will I see the Big Five?” If you’re staying at one of MORE’s safari lodges, more than likely! 
  1. My best piece of travel advice is take lots of pictures, but put the phone/camera down every now and then and fully embrace the experience.
  1. I got my love of travel from my childhood family holidays – we went anywhere and everywhere. It’s eye-opening (and often humbling) to see how other people live. Also, everything is new, and you’re more willing to try new things and push your boundaries.
  1. In my suitcase you’d be surprised to find lavender oil – it soothes headaches, helps you fall asleep, wards off mozzies, and definitely soothes insect bites. It’s a bonus that it smells lovely, too.
  1. One moment from my travels I will never forget is snorkelling in Zanzibar. Crystal waters, jewel-toned fish, golden sands… it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.