Charmaine Banks - MORE Private Travel General Manager

Charmaine Banks – MORE Private Travel General Manager

Charmaine is the head of MORE Private Travel and oversees the overall operation of the business. A 30-year travel and hospitality professional, she has experience with marque brands – like World Leisure Holidays, Abercrombie & Kent, and LUX* Resorts – having significantly contributed to their local development and scaling. Her career has taken her around the world and her personal sense of adventure is infectious, inspiring our team to create journeys of discovery and our guests to explore beyond their comfort zones.

More about Charmaine…

  1. In my carry-on bag I always have a spare set of clothing, copy of my passport (also on my smartphone), my medicine, a book, and sanitiser wet wipes. 
  1. I never leave home without my iPhone, Apple Watch, and ‘Travel Angel’ lucky charm – a gift from my daughter. 
  1. The best souvenir I ever brought home was a Harrods handbag – I’ve always wanted one! 
  1. My favourite things to do in a new place are eat local and plan, action, explore!
  1. Before I go to a new place, I find out what historical sites there are to see. I love history! One of my favourite visits was to Notre Dame Des Laves Church, spared by Reunion Island’s 2007 volcanic eruption. The lava stopped literally at its doorway, while destroying everything else around it. 
  1. The question I’m most often asked is: “Where can I get the best travel deals?” Don’t be guided by the price; go by what you want to experience. 
  1. My best piece of travel advice is get travel insurance! Generally you can’t apply for a visa without it but even if you’re travelling on a passport, it’s a must to cover yourself against travel risks. Lost luggage, medical emergencies, cancelled trips – I’ve seen the struggles travellers can face and they can all be resolved that much more easily with comprehensive insurance. 
  1. I got my love of travel from travelling to Greece when I was 19 with $50 in my pocket and an open return ticket. I fell in love with the country and stayed and travelled there for over a year. It was my own sort of ‘Shirley Valentine’ experience in reverse. 
  1. In my suitcase you’d be surprised to find clothes for every occasion – I know this can be very cumbersome, but I just can’t get myself to change – “My Daily Bread” book of faith; and a laundry bag to organise my case. 
  1. One moment from my travels I will never forget is… Being on a safari at MORE’s Lion Sands Game Reserve, when a leopard walked around the vehicle, stopped right next to me, sat back on it haunches and looked directly into my eyes – and, what felt like, into my soul.