Lize-Ann van Dyk - Travel Planner

Lize-Ann van Dyk – Travel Planner

Lize-Ann moved over from MORE Reservations to MORE Private Travel to broaden not only her own horizons, but also those of our guests she creates bespoke Southern African packages for.

My family travelled all over South Africa and Namibia, and I got to visit places most people don’t even know exist. I’ve always wanted to share this insight, and the experiences we are privileged to have everyday living in our beautiful country. – Lize-Ann

There is nothing that excites Lize-Ann more than a guest providing her with a range of dates and saying: “Book me everything South African.” Hold onto your hat!

…And pack a few extra pairs of socks – on safari, you never know when you’ll have the chance to track an animal off the beaten path… – Lize-Ann