Kaamilah Jeena - Travel Planner

Kaamilah Jeena – Travel Planner

Kaamilah is dedicated, and will always get the best for our guests. With nine years experience in the hospitality and tour operating industries, and of personal travels, she knows exactly what that is.

My best trip was to Zanzibar. Its rich culture and untouched beauty are intriguing, and the holiday was the perfect mix of solitude and discovery I had been looking for. Refining an itinerary until it meets every one of a guest’s needs is key to creating their ultimate travel experience. – Kaamilah

Possibly, the only thing Kaamilah can’t help you with is ‘an opportunity to take a big cat for a walk’ – the strangest request she says she has ever received!

While exploring, don’t forget to take lots of photos – you may only see a place and meet its people once in your life, but pictures will capture their memory for a lifetime. – Kaamilah