Luxury Personalised Travel

Journeys As Unique As You Are

We create luxury personalised travel itineraries for each of our Private Travel Guests.

A custom-tailored package takes care of flights and transfers, accommodations and dining, and tours and activities, but is more than just a collection of stay-and-dos.

It is a careful selection and combination of all the elements that will go into creating a life-enriching experience for a particular guest.

MORE Inspired

Where do you wish to travel? Our Private Travel Experts have insider knowledge of hundreds of destinations and their logistics. We guide you in choosing those that are complimentary, and curate hidden gems within their locales to give you a synergised experience of the best a region has to offer.

MORE Personalised

What do you wish to experience? Our Private Travel Experts take the time to know you personally, including your aspirations. Your itinerary is then designed to encompass your preferred selection of adventure, culture, romance, family time, solitude, relaxation, or wellness, unfolding in a dream holiday.

MORE Enhanced

Could it get any better? Our Private Travel Experts, through their on-the-ground connections, are able to arrange a few exclusive treats. Without spoiling the surprise, you can look forward to VIP treatments, special access, and specially-negotiated value-adds available only to you, wherever you stay.

MORE Dedicated

Where does this leave you? In very good hands. A Private Travel Expert is appointed as your single point of contact throughout your journey. They ensure your every requirement is met and hassles are kept out of the way, so you can fully relax and be present in the moment.

MORE Enriched

What is the return value? Ultimately, our Private Travel Experts hope to create a more personal and meaningful journey for you. Arrive home having reconnected with yourself, others, and the ‘wonder-fulness’ of life.