Our safari experiences put you in the thick of things, getting you up close to nature. Whether you drive, walk or cruise to see the wildlife, all five senses are engaged.

Smell the sweet scent of scrub as it crunches beneath the wheels, feel a velvety acacia pod, hear the gurgling up of water indicating you are not alone, and see big game appear just metres off – exhilarating!


MORE Treehouses offer big views of remote landscapes, globed by even bigger star-strewn skies, their lights twinkling down to the horizon.

Below, the stillness is punctuated only by animals’ whistles, huffs and growls… carried on the breeze. There are few such experiences left on earth that capture the romance of the untamed and untainted.


Luxury is about much more than a beautiful suite in an exotic location – it is the experience of being very well taken care of that inspires a sense of wellbeing.

And where better to indulge than in a bush spa or beach sala (or on your private deck), offering body and beauty rituals at the hands of expert therapists? Having an outdoor massage, with marula and neroli oils, is surely a luxury unique to Africa.


We love playing Cupid and with us, moments of romance and relaxation made for two are a given – and a little more adventure promises excitement, too.

Look forward to dusk safaris, sunrise picnics on a mountain slope, day trips to the winelands, heli flips over waterfalls, in-room spa treatments, surprise gifts, private dinners, a night in a treehouse… Whatever your dreams, we will make them come true.

Transformative Travel

MORE Community Trust (MCT) invites you, the socially-conscious guest, to leave ‘heartprints’ on your destinations by touring local communities and helping out with the MCT development projects in place there.

As part of MORE’s commitment to creating opportunities for people to enrich their lives, these projects are aimed at making lasting positive impressions.