As 2017 rapidly nears its end, peak season is literally around the corner. Although it is an incredible time to travel, we have learned that forewarned is forearmed, and we share with you some of our travel tips to take the pain out of a holiday where demand is high.

  • Peak Season is traditionally from 17 December – 10 January. Hotels are full and resources limited. Trips over this time need to be booked well in advance, as it is not uncommon for properties to close their bookings as early as the first quarter of the year!
  • If you’ve missed the peak season already, why not look at the time between 01 & 17 December instead? The weather is good, the atmosphere festive – AND you can save up to 25% on the peak season rates. OR if you are American, why not travel over Thanksgiving in November, as availability and rates are much better [do the ‘Staycation’ at home over Christmas period….We LOVE to plan a full Thanksgiving afternoon feast for our travelling guests from the USA!
  • Don’t rely on Travel Insurance cover offered by credit cards, as these are not as comprehensive. Give us a shout for advice about comprehensive policies covering all aspects of your trip. Leave the pesky detail to us, and enjoy a proper stress-free experience!
  • If you are a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ kind of traveller, we have access to a number of last minute specials. We love a challenge, and will take care of your plans in as little (or as much) time as you have available.
  • We have MORE Private Travel Concierge Executives at each of the MORE Lodges & Hotels. This enables us to offer our guests a very personal welcome through a tailor-made check-in. Access to a constant communication channel, and resources for special requests and value adds are just some of the treats you can expect from our on-site team.
  • A reminder that our rainy season is coming up, and charter flights are occasionally affected. Fear not, though! We have a direct channel of communication with pilots, and are therefore able to remain on top of situations where flexibility is required. We’ll also ensure that you are kept in the loop. Your itinerary is safe in our hands!
  • Regardless of the time you choose to travel, leave your watch behind and use nature as your time keeper. It’s so seldom we get to truly switch off and recharge – don’t miss the opportunity!

May your year-end R ‘n R be one for the books! Give us a shout if we can help in any way.

Happy travels!

Images: Ingrid Nemorin


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