The sheer enormity and force of the planet’s largest stretch of falling water, the Victoria Falls, has powered it into the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. A bucket-list destination and a must-visit on any Southern African itinerary, its town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is used to receiving international guests. While the logistics of travelling here are fairly straightforward, there are a few important things you need to know.

  • Flying to Victoria Falls from South Africa is quick and painless – from Johannesburg it is just 50 minutes, and from Nelspruit 1 hour.
  • The link between Zambia and Zimbabwe is a single-lane road – this is how easy it is to travel between the two countries. If you are planning on visiting both, you’ll need to apply for a multiple entry visa, which will allow you to ‘hop between the lands’ as many times you wish.
  • For your arrival and departure through airport customs, remember to wear open shoes or sandals, and no belt. Travellers wearing closed shoes and belts will have to stand in a separate queue where they will be asked to remove these items before going through, adding time to the process.
  • US$ and ZAR are the accepted currencies in Victoria Falls town and its surrounds. But the ATMs are often cash-shy, so be sure to carry enough with you. Otherwise, the majority of establishments accept card payments.

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Why travel with us?

  • MORE Private Travel offers a fast-track service through the arrival checkpoints at Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport (formerly Livingstone Airport) and Victoria Falls International Airport. One of our Private Travel representatives will meet you off the aircraft and assist you through customs, passport control and baggage claim. This will save you at least 35 minutes!
  • Our Private Travel guides are on hand throughout your journey to assist you with shopping, recommend restaurants, and facilitate your entry into national parks within Zimbabwe – as well as in Zambia and Botswana, should you choose to take a trip into these neighbouring countries.
  • Our tour of the Victoria Falls goes that extra mile to deliver an enriching life experience. Walking along the falls, you’ll learn more about this environment and its history, before arriving at Dr Livingstone’s statue, where a surprise awaits! Standing next to this landmark becomes nostalgic when considering a lone man made his way through deepest Africa, coming across tribes he could not communicate with and battling illness, to be the first non-African to lay eyes on the falls.
  • They say it’s to Fly Like an Angel, and that’s exactly what is feels like to swoop above the falls during this special helicopter flip! A firm MORE Private Travel favourite!
  • For those up for a bit more of a thrill, we have access to the best operators handling paragliding, bungee jumping, white-water rafting and canoeing on the Zambezi – not to forget swimming in Devil’s Pool – the ultimate infinity pool!
  • A more leisurely pursuit, the Zambezi Explorer offers our guests a unique MORE Private Travel VIP sunset Zambezi cruise experience.
  • We have formed many friendships with the hospitable Zimbabwean people, and they go out of their way to make our guests experiences that much more personal. One such experience is a visit with a renowned artist at his home to chat about his life and inspirations.
  • A big part of exploring a new place is sampling its cuisine. We discovered a café 120m above the Zambezi River offering daytime dining with a spectacular view. Or how about a Boma serving authentic cuisine, while guests are entertained by traditional dancers, a sangoma and local fortune teller?
  • For late-afternoon drinks, sip on a chilled Zambezi Premium Lager while watching the sun sink behind the horizon. We’ve found the best spot to do this – the only location that faces west…

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Image by: Ingrid Nemorin