Thank you, More Private Travel… She said yes!

She said yes!

Now THIS is precisely why we do what we do! Creating experiences that enrich our guests’ lives in some way… that is why we get out of bed each day, and express our immense gratitude for the privilege when we retire at night.

We share with you a special letter from a recent guest.

“Dear Friends,

I’m writing again to thank all of you once again for a wonderful experience at Lion Sands Game Reserve and More Quarters!

Thank you for helping me plan the surprise (successful) proposal and not forgetting a wonderful trip to South Africa. 

Thank you Bella for tirelessly trying to help me with all the bookings and logistics that started many months back and for trying to arrange the best for me! I know it wasn’t easy as I was a little fickle-minded initially but you thought everything out for me!

Thank you Chanelle and Patricia for entertaining my numerous questions and queries, almost painting a mental picture for me of what I envisioned the proposal night would be. It’s been as good as I had expected it to be and the results were amazing! Flowers were amazing too 🙂

Thank you Tammy for being the ‘final executor’ of the plan on the actual day! There were so many last minute doubts and queries I had that you addressed all the way. Everything was very well thought out! There were of course many details that I worried about but in the end they didn’t matter so much (sorry I have a little OCD in me). Thank you for setting up the Treehouse so beautifully for us and arranging for getting us back and forth from place to place. Thank you for organizing the food and drinks as well! Thank you for coordinating with the wonderful team you have at Ivory Lodge!

Thank you Anthony and Kruger for being the most awesome guides we could wish for! That afternoon game drive on the 3rd of August just right before the proposal was out of the world. Watching the Charleston males return back across the river and being almost in the middle of a water buffalo hunt was the most thrilling experience for us! My heart rate was already fast from being nervous about the proposal and you guys increased it further right through the roof! 

Thank you Mike for playing along so well and cool with Samantha whilst bringing us to the Treehouse. Stopping a distance away to keep the Treehouse out of sight and all the ‘excuses’ to keep Sam from knowing exactly what is happening!

Thank you Charlotte for joining us on our game rides and documenting down such a wonderful piece of that epic day both in writing and beautiful pictures! (and that little line about the proposal). I’m so gonna upgrade my camera!

For those at the game drive that night, I’m sure you didn’t miss that wonderful sunset! Those colours were the perfect match for that wonderful night! Sam and I, in the midst of all the excitement and photo-taking, also saw this rhino just slowly trodding across the reserve in front of our Treehouse during that sunset -> it was just so surreal and beautiful. 

Thank you to everyone at the Ivory Lodge who have helped us in many little ways during our stay there!

Many thanks also to the More Quarters team and the Tinga Lodge team for our wonderful time there!

It was the most amazing holiday Samantha and I had and I’m very sure we will be back with Lion Sands and the More team in the future!

Many thanks to all!

Bernard Chua and Samantha Tong”